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The next election is vital.
While we're working through our long-term economic plan, Labour have no plan at all. While we're building a stronger, more competitive economy, Labour would wreck it with more spending, more borrowing and more taxes. While we’re creating more jobs, Labour would put them at risk with higher taxes on businesses.
If we're to keep on securing a better future for Britain, we need to win the next election - and for that to happen, every Conservative in the country needs to play their part.
One way you can help is by giving to the campaign - and a great way to do that is by signing up to the Conservative Weekly Draw.
For just £4.34 a month, you'll be entered into a draw with a quarterly prize of £5,000, a weekly prize of £1,000, and 20 smaller weekly bonus prizes of £25.
There are over 1,000 winners a year (notified by post with winners' cheques enclosed) - and the money you give goes towards our campaign to win the next election.
So join the Weekly Draw today - and help secure a Conservative majority in 2015, and a better future for Britain.