Letter to the Prime Minister

Letter from our Chairman Chris Guyver to The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

Dear Prime Minister

In 2016 North Devon voted by a tidy majority to leave the EU. Those of us here who supported your premiership are now delighted, finally to witness our faith in your political and leadership skills being rewarded by the increasing likelihood we will actually now leave on 31st October.

You have shown verve, skill and courage of the highest order since taking office. You understand the essence of leadership which is what the United Kingdom craves.  
The Conservative Party in this corner of the country is ready and able to help the Government handle any sort of Brexit - including No Deal. 

The pace of Government activity on a broad range of domestic issues is to be applauded. Although Brexit is your obvious priority the Conservative Party needs to show it is awash with creative policy ideas - you understand this very well. 

We are particularly encouraged by your commitments to digital infrastructure and supporting our police and judicial service. We hope that you move quickly to implement the levelling up in funding for education, as in Devon and especially North Devon we have felt particularly underappreciated. We in North Devon are proud of our special environment, our coast and countryside ably managed by our hard-working farmers and fisherman and look forward to your vision for the future.

We stand ready to help you deliver what the British people voted for and with our hard-working MP Peter Heaton-Jones, help deliver your progressive Conservative vision for the country.

Chris Guyver
Chair North Devon Conservative Association 



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