Statement from Chris Guyver - Chairman, NDCA

Reacting to the news of Peter Heaton-Jones’s decision to stand down from Parliament, North Devon Conservative Association Chair Chris Guyver said:

‘ I appreciate the reasons Peter has given for what will have been a very difficult decision. He has served the people of North Devon exceptionally well so I know how tough the call will have been for him. I also know Peter will have taken it with the best interests of the Conservative Party at heart. His achievements locally have been many including delivering the Link Road upgrade and the fantastic news about our new district hospital.

On behalf of all the Association members  I thank him for all his public service; and for his continuing support for our new candidate who will win the seat for the Conservatives in December. North Devon voted leave by some margin in 2016 and our new candidate will, I am sure be committed to delivering on this and enable the country to move on.’