Fremington and Yelland by-election - Meet Jim

'Sadly due to the passing of Tony Wood there is a need for a by-election here in Fremington and Yelland. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

I love living and working here in North Devon, I spent most of my life in the building trade but I now work as Landlord of The New Inn in Fremington. We have a distinct and strong community but urban sprawl has been heading our way for some time. We must protect our Parish Boundary and our 'Green Wedge' in-between ourselves and Bickington. Thankfully with the Local Plan soon to be in place we will have some protection but we must never let our guard down.

Some people will try and tell you this election is about school funding, roads and hospitals etc. However none of these fall under the remit of the District Council. So while, of course, Conservative District Councillors have campaigned (and will continue to do so) on these topics, they have no ‘power’ to change them. So what this election is really about is who is best to run and manage the services that the District Council do provide - housing, waste collection, planning and economic development.

I will always stand up for residents. Fremington and Yelland come first, and if needed I will challenge my party colleagues at District, County Council and of course the House of Commons to make sure that we are not left on the sidelines.'

Jim Pilkington

Conservative Party Candidate, Fremington and Yelland