Peter Heaton-Jones Weekly Newsletter

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We have had a phenomenal response to our recent residents' survey across North Devon. More than 3,000 replies were received. Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to tell me your views. I thought you would be interested to know the results from some of the main questions.

73% agreed with me that we need tighter local planning controls when it comes to decisions over wind turbines.

I am fighting for a fairer deal for North Devon for funding local services, and here the result was overwhelming. Less than 1% of respondents said they didn't agree with this campaign, which gives me a massive backing to drive it forward.

On the big issue of the economy, we asked, on a scale of 1 to 10, whether you agreed with the Conservatives' long term economic plan. The higher the score, the greater the level of agreement. I'm delighted that three quarters of respondents answered at 7 or above. This is a huge endorsement of David Cameron and George Osborne's handling of the economy.

Please rest assured that I will report all these results back to the government and take action on all the individual points you have raised. With your help and support, I am already working hard for North Devon. Thank you.


My meeting with the Justice Secretary Chris Grayling about the Barnstaple Courts (see last week's article)was extremely positive.  This week I have taken a further step and arranged to meet the regional manager from Her Majesty's Courts & Tribunals Service.  I will then have a clear picture of the situation and be able to review what action needs to be taken.  It is important that the principle of local justice is maintained and I am confident we can achieve this.


There is still time to let me know your views regarding Devon County Council's proposal to increase council tax.  Thank you to everyone who has responded so far.  The overwhelming view is that people are prepared to pay a modest increase if it means local services can be protected.  Please let me know your views as soon as possible as I will be writing to the Leader of Devon County Council in the next few days.

Thank you.

Until next week..... 

Peter Heaton-Jones
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate