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I wanted to ask some questions.....
 * Are you interested in what happens in your local community?
* Would you like to be able to help your neighbours and people living around you?
 * Do you care about how much Council Tax you pay?
 * Are you concerned about ensuring development and building is sensitive to our special part of the world?
 * Would you like to improve local leisure services provision?
 * Do you think the District Council could do a better job?
 If so then read on...
 We are looking to build a team of 43 people who have a passion and commitment for their local community and the wider North Devon area. We are looking for people of all ages, backgrounds, experience and skills to stand as a Conservative Councillor in next year's District Council elections. Whether a businessperson, community volunteer, young person, retiree, resident or whatever your background, as long as you share our passion for improving North Devon for all we are interested in hearing from you.
 Being a Councillor is hugely rewarding and you can make a real positive impact on people's lives by helping them with local issues and helping to make North Devon an even better place to live. There are varying degrees of involvement and you would be part of a team of Conservatives determined to do their best for our community. District Councillors receive an allowance for the work that they do.
 If you are interested in potentially standing for North Devon District Council, then why not get in touch with me and we can have an initial conversation about what might be involved. I would be very happy to answer any questions you may have. If you decide to stand I can assure you that you would have the full support of the Conservative team, with help, advice and support every step of the way. It is a fun, rewarding and important job.  If you care about your community and the quality of life of fellow North Devon residents then I am interested in hearing from you.

 Get in touch and get involved!


Peter Heaton-Jones
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate


 North Devon Conservative AssociationThe Strand, Barnstaple,
 North Devon, EX31 1EU
Telephone:  01271 343101, Fax:  01271 327300