Weekly Newsletter 7th May

The General Election will be held exactly one year from today.  On 7 May 2015, Britain will chose its next government and North Devon will elect its next MP.  So I’ve brought forward this week’s newsletter to coincide with that anniversary.  I want to set out, as briefly and clearly as possible, the issues on which I’ll be campaigning for the next 365 days.  I’ve also included a message issued today by David Cameron.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If the question is “Why should I vote for Peter Heaton-Jones one year from now?”, I hope this will begin to provide the answers.
A Personal Message from Peter
If you elect me, I’ll represent North Devon with energy, enthusiasm and, above all, a commitment to help local people. 
I’m a strong campaigner with a record of action: 
*       I helped fight the Atlantic Array wind farm – the project has now been cancelled, showing the great things our community can achieve when we work together
*       I brought David Cameron to North Devon – to ensure the concerns of local people are heard by government
*      I’m winning battles for residents every week on issues from school places to employment rights – standing up for hardworking people 
As your MP, I’ll continue to deliver for North Devon by: 
*     Campaigning for better schools and public transport, to improve the services so crucial to our area
*      Making sure local voices are heard when it comes to new developments
*   Ensuring local people benefit from the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan 
Nobody will work harder for North Devon than me – that’s my promise to you.
A ‘Mini Manifesto’
Here are five statements I believe in.  Let me know whether you agree.
North Devon has been under-funded by successive governments. We should have a new funding formula to ensure we get a fair deal, especially for our schools, NHS, police and rural communities, and for our local council services.
North Devon needs better transport links. The 361 Link Road is not fit for purpose and the Tarka Rail service needs upgrading. We need more investment, not only for local residents but also to support our tourism industry which is vital to the local economy.
Local people should have more power over planning decisions. Developers should not ride roughshod over the wishes of North Devon's residents and councillors. Towns like Barnstaple, as well as rural and coastal areas like Exmoor, all need more protection.
We need a Member of Parliament who will fight hard for North Devon with renewed energy and enthusiasm. We need someone who listens to local residents and takes action. Our MP should be North Devon's representative in Westminster, not the other way round.
Local issues matter a great deal. Has your rubbish been collected? Are there potholes in your local roads? Is parking a problem in your area? North Devon's MP should never lose sight of everyday concerns. The first priority is your village, not the Westminster village.
A Message from David Cameron
The General Election is one year away. For each of those 365 days, the Conservatives have one clear message: we are the team that is turning Britain around.
We have set out a serious, long-term economic plan: reducing the deficit, cutting income taxes, backing business, capping welfare, reducing immigration, delivering the best schools and skills - and that plan is working for families across our country.
The deficit has been cut by over a third. Our economy is now one of the fastest growing in the developed world. 1.5 million more people are now in work. Immigration is down. Welfare has been capped. And something I'm very proud of: today 250,000 fewer children are being taught in under-performing schools.
All this means more peace of mind for families, more young people with the chance to get on in life, and more financial security for people across our country.
From the ashes of the Great Recession we are building a Great British revival.
But make no mistake: all this is at stake a year from now. Labour's only plans are for more spending, more borrowing, and more debt - more of the same that got us into the mess. They would ruin the progress that has been made.
So our message is clear, consistent and unrelenting: the Conservatives are the ones with the long-term economic plan that is working. If we want to continue this Great British revival, and keep on turning our country around, we've got to keep working through this plan.
A final thought…..
One year from today, voting for any party other than the Conservatives will help Labour win the election, and means Ed Miliband and Ed Balls will be running the country.  That’s one final reason why I’ll work relentlessly for the next 365 days to persuade people to vote Conservative in North Devon on 7 May 2015. 

Many thanks. 
Until next week......
Peter Heaton-Jones
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate
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